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We proactively work with many prestigious companies and unique brands, independent banks and private developers who genuinely want to lease or promptly buy prime office space for business extensions to carefully explore the market dynamics.
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Properly investing with the pre-leased holdings achieves inevitably a rational decision for the property investment, pre-leased property is one in which the valuable property is already been given as rental property and has been gently put for profitable sale.
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Assured rental properties can be financially rewarding and typically have innumerable tax benefits, including the cognitive ability to deduct adequate insurance, the active interest on your adjustable mortgage, and maintenance costs.
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The property investors necessities are tremendously evolving naturally significant time to prime time and succinctly putting all eggs in a single basket always risk involved, the property investment inevitably execute you better capital gains if you unanimously choose different properties verticals for secured and lucrative returns, Solid Bricks proactive approach and qualified experts may respectfully suggest you capital investment which is secure, efficient and effective capital gains, which doesn’t have any relevance your investment portfolio how big and small.
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Multiplexes Leased and Selling

The days gone when cinema industry was on boom and theatre owners effectively runs their business while gathering huge crowd in theatre and earned profits, in nowadays cinema business limited with multiplexes, which are mostly available in the shopping areas and shopping malls specifically in the metro cities, now single screen cinema theatre owners has a shift to convert their big lands in the small multiplexes even then small cites makes a big attraction for property investors, reasons the multiplexes brands like INOX, PVR, GOLD CINEMA is targeting the small cities to get it acquired multiplexes in the moderate and small towns,
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Appropriate education sector in India remains a strategic priority for the Government. The Government has graciously allowed 100% Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the education sector through the automatic route since 2002. From April 2000 to September 2020, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) equity,
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Conveniently getting an appropriate commercial and developed land at specific locations remains an extensive, critical and complex exercise for commercial and industrial developers, which naturally gets official, technical and financial clearance and invariably meet out the building bylaws as per the government specifications,
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The land prices are consistently raised on the specific location which efficiently is in the prime demand for an efficient, effective and commercially viable infrastructure development and land owners and independent developers are consistently in extensive search of ample business options on mutual terms and commercial effectiveness, henceforth, getting prospective lands and matriculates efficient developers are always remains with land owners and leading developers.
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Traditionally, private infrastructure investments have been financed with prospective property buyer’s private funds in the developing projects, but there efficiently is a critical shift in real-estate sectors after effective enforcement of the Real Estate Regulatory Act passed by democratic parliament of India in 2016 and invariably came in the effective carrying out in 2017 and amend the sheer malpractice were typically used by private developers operating the necessary capital by typically investing in innumerable channels and invariably involve altered economic structure and effective instruments, resulting financial institute including PSU and NBFC on top went in the negative segmentations to gentle words the real-estate development.
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