The caretaker of your home

Solidbricks is not just your real estate advisors but also property managers. We intend to bring transparency and trust in all transactions. Whether you are staying away from home or residing in a different location altogether, we'll look after your property. Our Project Management Services is sure to provide you with excellent management services.

Property Management is an assortment of services that keeps your property in good condition. This include services such as:

1. Buying and Selling Properties

2. Renting

3. Looking after tenancy issues

4. Household Maintenance Services such as:

  • Buying and Selling Properties
  • Electricals (rewiring, new installations, etc.)
  • Plumbing
  • Interior
  • Paint
  • Cleaning
  • Home Security
  • Gardening
  • Pest Control
  • Packing and Moving, etc.

Four major services that we provide under Property Management are as follows:


Household Maintenance


SolidBricks provides an extraordinaire and exceptional household maintenance services; offering a comprehensive, preventive and maintenance programme to preserve the value, beauty and life of your home. Our household services takes into consideration all the nitty-gritties of the maintenance requirements of our clients--from covering a bad spot on wall to fixing the water-leakage pipes in the bathroom.

Our portfolio of services will only make you reassured that your home is in absolutely safe hands. Our services are also customizable according to clients' requirements. We take the responsibility of maintaining our clients' property to perfection so that the list of prospective buyers is always on the positive side.

We take care of recommended repairs and improvement, landscaping, grounds and equipment and other building facilities, investigate and settle complains and disturbances if any, etc.

Our purpose is to provide you with peace of mind and solace knowing that your home is being properly taken care of by conscientious professionals exclusively dedicated to home maintenance. Our triumph is totally dependent upon the excellency of services that we provide and a team of dedicated personnel making this achievement possible.

Property Buying

made easy with Solidbricks

With so many online portals available, it gets a bit chaotic--whom to trust, whom not to trust--getting your hands on the right property gets very difficult. To drive you out of this mind-numbing and action-freezing confusion, Solidbricks is here. Solidbricks will free you from this reign of confusion by providing you with all the right information for the acquisition of property that meets your need.

1. Solidbricks is there for you at every step of the way. Not only do we strive to meet your requirements by providing your information on our online portals, but we also personally look after our clients' requirements by arranging site-visits.

2. Our online portal provide all the necessary details about the property, its surrounding, location, map and the photographs of the property to help you make an informed decision.

3. The formalities that come with buying a property may seem never-ending with requirement of numerous verification papers such as the papers of property, Tax Raid Receipts, Encumbrance certificates, RTC Extracts and various other approvals and clearance documents, SolidBricks will take care of all of it.

We, at SolidBricks, will take care of all the legal procedures such as verification of property papers by a lawyer to handling of the entire legal procedure. Our expertise is backed up by an extensive market research and analysis.

We are always on our toes to provide you with the best property buying solutions.

Selling Property

SolidBricks will get you the best price

Selling a property can be a very difficult task considering all the things that are needed to be taken into account. SolidBricks will provide you with the assistance in selling your property. Our sales department is comprised of experienced and certified realtors who pride themselves on adequate fulfillment of needs of both buyers and sellers. To get the required assistance, all one needs to do is register with our online portal and post the property details - the pictures, location and route, amenities that the property offers and the rate at which they expect to sale it.

1. Our team would personally visit the property for the inspection and to discuss the complete sales procedure with you.

2. A comprehensive and thorough comparative market analysis by our team would guide the client on recent sales in the location and suggested list price.

3. Guidance on better positioning of property for maximum result.

4. Once the client lists its property on our portal, our team would effectively market the property in multiple listing services.

5. Our best marketing strategy, which is customised and suited for your individual needs, would aim to place your property in a strong seller footing rather than just placing it on a standard marketing plan.

6. We play a vital coordination role between the property holder and the prospective buyers. We look after the entire legal documentation.

7. We also negotiate with the prospective buyers on the client's behalf so that the client gets the best deal.

8. Our NRI clients need not worry since we take care of the entire legal procedure. Checking and drafting of sales agreement, sale deed, RTC extracts and other clearance and approval certificates-we take care of every single detail.

9. Once under our supervision, we would make sure that everything goes smoothly until the closing date.