Interior Services

Soildbricks provides a complete range of Interior Designing Services

Interior designing is an art and science of enhancing the interiors of the building to achieve a healthier and aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space. Solidbricks provides the complete range of high end interior design services. Designers craft spaces after anticipating the clients' needs and come up with designs that have an emotional appeal for the clients. The success of the project depends upon how intricately we have understood our clients' vision and transformed it into reality. Our clients priority is always on top of our list and we believe in collaborative work. When designing the interiors of our clients property, we always look forward to and uphold the inputs that our clients provide.

Our approach to interior designing is very client-centric. We encourage client's participation at every step of the way. Every project receives personal attention from our designers and decorators, enabling clients to achieve unmatched exultation and get their homes designed just as they envisioned. Our designers and decorators work closely with the clients to understand their requirements, their needs and how they have conceived their homes so we can concoct solutions that are best and in alignment with their needs.



The notion behind coming up with such an intricate plan for interior designing is to provide paramount contentment to our clients. Poised to become a single window facilitator in organizing, designing and executing all construction, architecture, interior, design and art related needs, Solidbricks aims to carry the concept of good design across all strata of society.

At Solidbricks, we believe in perfection and that is the reason we seek to provide personalised services to our clients. We believe in carving out spaces that aligns with our clients lifestyle and needs. We believe that no two clients are identical, and no two projects should be either. To surpass this, we work with designers who are adept at seeking out the desires of clients and bringing them to fruition by providing a well-rounded design.


We will get you the best solution

We have a command over all the aspects of interior designing and its delivery module. Our consultants work closely with clients to work out cost, time and ambience expected. Proper, efficient and effective interior design is achieved when visual weight of elements are evenly distributed. Our consultants do meticulous research to provide a design that is symmetrically, asymmetrically and radially balanced. Our designers go out of their way to truly understand the clients' needs and lifestyle, so they can best tailor the space accordingly. By going into a client's home and learning about their life, passions, and future goals, designers can redefine the project in terms of the needs and wants of the clients. We advise on conceptual development, space planning, site inspections, programming, research, communicating with the stakeholders of a project, and execution of the design. We work with renowned tradesmen and subcontractors who have years of experience.