We strive to provide our clients with consortium of services under one roof. Following are the consultancy services that we provide:

Legal Consultancy


Statutory conformance is the backbone of every contract. SolidBricks.com also provide you legal consultancy. Our legal consultants provide the assistance in all the legal matters and advise on documentations, drafting and reviewing agreements, producing technically accurate and legal standards, negotiations on contracts, assistance in handling disputes, identifying and analysing the legal issues, drafting the legal documents and in maintaining correspondence.

Home Loan Consultancy


Our home loan consultants provide the transparent and well-informed options and help you in choosing the loans according to your eligibility and needs. Our home loan consultants provide you with a deep insight on the types of loan available, interest rates, the pros and cons, tax benefits, mortgage loans, pre-emi interest applicable and will assist you in filling application form, preparing documents, discussion and investigation, sanctioning of loan, acceptance and disbursement of loans.

Architectural Consultancy


Our architects will provide you with the best expertise and advice in mapping and designing of your space. The main focus is on providing you with the effective and efficient usage of your space. Our team will assist and advise you with the preparation of design, mapping and layout and effective space management. Our architectural experts will do in-depth analysis of how the space can be used, the person that is using it-the needs and requirements of the person-and come up with the designs that are striking and absolutely fits your need.

Interior Designing Consultancy


Interior designers make interior spaces functional, safe, and beautiful by determining space requirements and selecting decorative items, such as colors, lighting, and materials. We provide the advice that best suits your need. Our interior designing team is always on the heels and concerned about your needs and requirements. Our approach to interior designing is very client-centric. Every project receives personal attention from our designers and decorators, enabling clients to achieve unmatched exultation and get their homes designed just as they envisioned. Our designers and decorators work closely with the clients to understand their requirements, their needs and how they have conceived their homes so we can concoct solutions that are best and in alignment with their needs.

Property Valuation Consultancy


Valuations are a great way to grasp an understanding of how much your property is worth and this is important for a number of reasons – namely to understand the equity you have in the property, to ensure you don't overcapitalise and as a necessary step in the refinancing process. Our sales agents assess the current day value, recent market trends, development, etc. before coming up with the value of your property. Valuation may be less or more depending upon the recent market trends. Our property valuation team takes care of all the formality that arise when you estimate the value of your property.

Marketing Consultancy


Properties need to be appropriately placed in the market to attract the right kind of buyers or sellers. Our marketing consultants do comprehensive researches of the recent marketing trends and place the property accordingly on the market to get the required results. We use the best marketing channels for the buying and selling of properties such as magicbricks, 99 acres and have full fledged presence on various social media sites such as Facebook. Youtube, Instagram, etc.