About Solidbricks

Solidbricks.com is an another brand of Kaisha Realty Pvt. Ltd. aiming to provide extensive range of services to its clients. Solidbricks.com aims to be your biggest support and guide in real estate sector. The reason behind coming up with Solidbricks.com is to provide our clients with assortment of diverse services on a single platform. With Solidbricks.com no one would have to worry about going to multiple consultancies to avail services. We, at SolidBricks.com, stands for support, trust, facilitation, guidance, counsel and above all quality.

The name "SolidBricks.com" is suggestive of what we aspire to provide. The logo of Solidbricks.com is symbolic of the five major services that we provide:



Availability of multitude of options, it gets difficult to decide what is right and what is not. We, at Solidbricks.com, specializes in buying property on behalf of our clients and suggest properties that meet your requirements. We do extensive research while searching for property that best suits our clients' needs and budget. We have tie-ups with top-notch builders and are focused on quality of services.



We also provide assistance in selling of property. Our sales department comprises of experienced and certified realtors who will effectively look after your requirements. To get the required assistance, all you need to do is register with our online portal and post the property details - the pictures, location and route, amenities and the rate at which they expect to sale it.



We provide property management services to all our local and overseas clients. The key factors to consider when searching for the ideal rental property include location, commute, conveniences and whether or not pets are permitted, etc. We provide you with the best options to choose while selecting a property. We look after tenancy management, find an appropriate tenant and negotiate on your behalf. We do extensive background check to get the right candidate for you.



We bring a strategic, proactive leasing approach to your real estate assets so that you can focus on continuous financial growth with complete transparency. Our NRI clients would not have to worry about their overseas property and time consuming procedures, we can take care of it on their behalf.



We provide a consortium of consultancy services on one platform so the clients' do not have to worry about approaching multiple channels to render various services that are required for managing a property. We advise our clients on home loan, statutory matters, architecture, etc.

We, at Solidbricks.com, take complete care of your property from buying, selling, tenant management to household maintenance. Our household maintenance services involve looking after the maintenance of your home such as electricity bill payment, plumbing, painting, interior, etc. Solidbricks.com is your go to entity for all types of real estate requirements.