Recent Trends in Real Estate Sector

Demonetisation has been hard on everybody, the real estate sector is no exception. A sudden ban on Rs. 500 and 1000 notes shook the real estate sector which was evident after the third quarter of the financial year 2016-17. The announcement of Benami Prop

RERA - Major Things that You Need to Know

With the boom in discrepancies within the real estate industry, it became absolutely substantial to come up with an act to curb all the unwanted activities of the real estate sector. To deal with this, Government of India came up with RERA – Real Estate

Why Interior Designing Matters for Your Home

If an allegory is to be used then the interior designing has the same effect on the house as the first ray of sun has on its surrounding, uplifting the banality to the utter magnificence. The interiors of the house is just as important as the architecture

Why Now is the Right Time to Buy

Lately, people have become wary of buying properties because of the mess that was widespread in the real estate sector.. The sprouting discrepancies of the real estate sector and the pressure from the developers to pay in cash has made people fearful of i

Consult a Professional Architect for a Better Designed Home

The significance of getting a guidance from a professional architect.!

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