Essential House Hunting Tips

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House hunting is a task that everyone take up at least once in their life. And everyone that had taken up this task will be sure to tell you that it is going to grind you down. That it will, for a while, will take up all of your energy. This is a very laborious and tedious task-hunting a home. There are many things that are needed to be taken care of and keep in mind while house hunting:

  • Ascertain the budget: 

Buying a house is not a child’s game. Many people purchase home just once in a life, so, yes, proper planning is necessary. Proper allocation of budget is necessary. When buying a home, one cannot fly by the stick and take care of everything at the end. That is just not going to happen. So yes, proper planning is important.

  • Requirement:

Figure out the requirement. Do you want an independent house, an apartment? What is it that you want?

  • Research:

After you have zeroed down on the budget and the configuration that you require-start researching. Contact people, agents. Make a list of the properties that are available and match the configuration and budget.

  • Visit the properties:

Once you have made a list of all the properties available in various location. Start visiting these properties with the agent/broker. They know more than you about it and the prices prevalent in the locality. They know minute details about the locality.

  • Consider the location:

When you visit a property, you get to sniff the surrounding, the locality. This is an automatic process and will let you know whether the locality is suitable for you or not, safe or not.

  • Do not over-spent:

When we are in the process of looking up homes, we often find ourselves falling over a home that just takes our breath away and is way over our budget. So it is always important to have caution and not stretch the budget.

  • Make a comparison chart:

After you have finished looking for property and has finalised on a few; make a comparison chart. Make a list of all the things that you liked and disliked about the house.

  • Bring furniture measurement:

When you revisit the selected houses once again, take the furniture management with you. So you would get a rough idea of how it would all look and fit. This will narrow down your list even more. There would be houses that you would just drop because of space issues, design issues.

  • The environment must match your lifestyle:

Another major thing to be kept in mind is the environment of the locality. Whether it suits your lifestyle or not. Some people prefer hustle bustle of everyday living. Some don’t. Since, you’d be living in that place it is important to take long-term perspective in consideration. First of all, it is an absolute necessity to interact with people who have sound knowledge of the real estate sector can get you the best deals.

There are various mistakes that people fall prey to while house-hunting:

  • High-budget homes:

More often that not, people, while looking for homes, fall for homes way beyond their budget and then they make a mistake of stretching their budgets.

  • Being impatient:

It takes time to get the house that suits you perfectly. There is not point being impatient or desperate-you’d end up investing in something that you’d regret.

  • Overlooking important flaws:

These important flaws can be - bad insulation, plumbing problems, poor drainage, roof water drainage, etc. are some of the flaws that can deteriorate the health of homes over time.

  • Not doing their own research:

People may sometime become heavily dependent on the inputs of the broker showing them around and forgo the research that they should do by themselves. Buyers should themselves should have working information when buying homes of the basic terminology.

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