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Architecture is merciless: it is what it is. It works or it doesn’t, and you can clearly see the difference. - Jacques Herzog

This is a very hefty thing to say. Architecture is merciless. It shatters the image that we carry within us. Architecture either enhances the structure or completely dissolves it. It can leave you standing awestruck at its sheer sight and power. It can also leave you standing agape at the debacle that has been created. Architecture is powerful. Very powerful. This power can be everlasting. We all make conscious decisions about the environment we live in.

That's why it is often suggested that having professional guidance in the matters of architecture is absolutely crucial. Architecture should be created in such a way that it affects people at first glance. That is how it should be. Now the questions arise, what makes architecture effective? Why is architecture important? Why is it important to have a professional guidance from a well known firms such as Solidbricks itself? What the term architecture comprises of? 

To answer all these questions, let's first start with the fundamentals of architecture. Why is it a complex combination of art and science? 

Let’s have a look!!

 Photo by Daniel Burka on Unsplash         Photo by Jordan Lomibao on Unsplash

Pattern and repetition:


This is the most common form of design this is used. Most of the buildings are designed through patterns and lines. When lines and shapes are repeated, they form a pattern. Patterns can be regular or irregular, although architects usually go for regular patterns. Patterns in architecture can be found in way bricks are laid, or repetitive windows.



Patterns usually give way to the rhythm. If you look closely at any buildings with repeated patterns, it will give rise to the rhythm. Such is usually carried out through the entire structure, make it seem very lively.

Symmetry and Asymmetry:


Design of a building can be demarcated into two types: Symmetrical and Asymmetrical. Symmetry lies in those architectural designs in which both the sides of a building have the same design and pattern whereas in the asymmetrical architectural designs, the sides of the building would have different patterns and designs giving it a new and varied look. 

Photo by Ian Baldwin on Unsplash



Balance is regarding visual weights. Weights should be assigned equally on either side the central line of the building regardless of whether they are symmetrical or asymmetrical.



Contrast means when two things are absolutely different from each other. The difference in shape, size, texture or colour can be a source of contrast. Contrast is basically given to add variety to a project.


Proportion is a relationship between two things of different sizes. When it comes to architectural proportion, it is related to the space of building in relation to the size of a human. The proportion of building should be such that it’s easier for the people to move around. It is for this reason that the ceiling is lower in the bedroom than in a cinema because the gathering would be large.

Theme and Variation:


A theme is a dominant theme in any architectural work. Themes can be classical or based on any culture. A classical theme will have domes and pillars, pediments whereas them based on any culture could be, for example, Japanese i.e using geometrical patterns. An architect may introduce variations in a theme to variety to the project.

Coherence and Unity in Variety:


If an architecture contains variety than it needs to be tied together to give a uniform look to the architecture. That is called unity in variety.

These are the fundamentals of architecture that every architect follows. To have them perfectly emulated in your design or property, it is of consequential significance to have guidance and consultancy from a professional firm such as Solidbricks. The combination of these can make remarkable difference to your project. 

Julia Morgan has very beautifully expressed the significance of professional help when it comes to architecture: "Architecture is a visual art; and the building speak for themselves."

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